Monday, October 5, 2009

Civil Rights Coalition Launches Census 2010 PSA Series on Atlanta Buses

Ads Are Designed to Raise Awareness of the Upcoming Headcount and Its Importance to Community and Public Services

Today, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund (LCCREF) launched a series of Census 2010 public service announcements in Atlanta buses to educate Atlanta residents about the upcoming decennial count of every person living in America.

The PSAs in Atlanta are part of a cross-country, coast-to-coast series of bus ads created by LCCREF to explain the importance of the census to Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) bus riders. Between October 5 and December 27, the ads will appear in 200 buses, as well as buses in Detroit, Milwaukee, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Seattle. Here in Atlanta, the bus ads will feature a wastebasket filled with money with a headline reading “Don’t Throw Away Money. Fill Out Your Census Form.”

“The census shapes our lives in ways most people never think about,” said Jerry Gonzalez, executive director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO), a local LCCREF census partner. “The federal government uses census information to decide where and how to spend almost $400 billion every year on health care, education, transportation and more – that’s why we’re working so hard to get the word out to Atlantans that the census is coming and that everyone should participate.”

Information collected by the census will also be used to decide how many seats each state will get in the U.S. House of Representatives for the next decade, and to draw the lines for congressional, state legislative, and local voting districts.

LCCREF believes that an accurate census is a significant civil rights issue because it directly affects our nation’s ability to ensure equal representation and equal access to important government resources for all Americans.
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