Friday, October 16, 2009

Wear Someone Else's Face for Halloween

/24-7/ -- Innovative will make a custom lifelike mask of any person from photographs. This may be the ideal way to scare friends at Halloween. simply requires one or two photographs of the person and they will create a fully wearable photorealistic facemask in resin. The possibilities are endless: a friend's mother-in-law or their boss, a serial killer, a favorite horror actor or a least favorite politician.

Previously such technology has only been within the budgets of Hollywood productions. Now has leveraged their state-of-the-art 3D imaging and manufacturing techniques to bring custom masks within reach of the consumer.

The website,, allows one to upload photographs of the frightening person and preview a mask before purchasing. Eager customers may also buy the product straight away and send in their photographs for expert processing. There is also the option to tweak the person's appearance, such as changing their age, ethnicity, gender or even ordering a caricature.

About ThatsMyFace specializes in making photorealistic color sculpted faces, busts and custom action figures. The customer simply needs to provide one or two portrait photographs of the subject. Worldwide shipping is available. The site also offers free gender changing, race changing, beautification and analysis to anyone who uploads a photograph. For more information, please contact John Keaton by phoning: (+1) 503 608 4616 or by emailing

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